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We have a lot of avid skilled bloggers on our team. Check out their latest blogs here.

Implement a Topic-specific Q&A Application with LangChain and Oracle GenAI by Adrian Png

Dont GenAI Everything by Adrian Png

Toggle en Popup Menu en Oracle APEX by Ing. Angel O. Flores Torres

ANSI vs. Oracle Proprietary SQL by Rich Soule

Software Engineering with Mel and Velimir by Velimir Corovic

GenAI Made Easy by Adrian Png

Compartir Variables Globales entre aplicaciones en Oracle APEX by Ing. Angel O. Flores Torres

Oracle APEX 23.2 - Calendar region enhancements by Louis Moreaux

Oracle APEX 23.2 - Store Static Resources in Object Storage by Louis Moreaux

Using the latest Font Awesome icons together with Font APEX by Plamen Mushkov

Know Your Application Users by Plamen Mushkov

Generate Art Using Latent Diffusion Models and NFC Tags by Adrian Png

Team Members Personal Blogs

Many of our employees are well-respected industry experts. Their personal blogs testify to their intense curiosity and cover many lesser known facets of their work. Their articles tell the story of the challenges they come across, solutions they’ve found and their experiences as true artisans in their fields.

Today I Learned…

Haniel Burton

About APEX Again

Velimir Corovic

Technologic Synergy

Gabriel Guzman

Oracle Blog

Monty Latiolais

APEX App Lab – Blog

Plamen Mushkov


Anton Nielsen

Thinking Anew

Adrian Png

Oracle APEX Blog

Ender Palanco

Cars and Code

Richard Soule