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In this episode, Mike Hichwa, co-creator of Oracle APEX demonstrates a tip you can use in virtually any version of APEX. In his demo app, Mike wants to easily find developers for his Project. He adds a select list that shows the best matches at the top of a long list.



Here is the code Snippet Mike used in his demo

with suggested_developers as (select name, id, count(*) as score from(select 
        t.column_value as tag
    from demo_developers dd, 
        apex_string.split(dd.tags, ',') t
    where t.column_value in (select 
            t.column_value as tag
        from demo_projects dp, 
            apex_string.split(dp.tags, ',') t
        where dp.id = 1))group by name, id
    order by 3 desc, 1fetch first 3 rows only

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