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When the announcement was made that our team member, Richard Soule, won the Kscope23 award for the best APEX Session at the conference, we knew we had to get an encore presentation on the calendar. What we didn’t realize was how epic this encore would be! Last week, in a webinar format, Rich presented his session all about APEX and ORDS installation and configuration, and it was double the time and valuable information.

This presentation is for:

  • The DBAs and System Admins
    • who hear how “easy it is to install APEX and ORDS.”
    • who have never implemented APEX or ORDS
    • who have experience and would like to learn to implement APEX & ORDS in a more supportable and maintainable way.
  • A developer who wants to be able to answer the “What abouts?”
  • Anyone who would like to understand how APEX and ORDS (Oracle Rest Data Services) work at a technical level.

APEX and ORDS installation and configuration for DBAs and System Admins Overview:

1 – Install APEX Database Component: Rich provides step-by-step guidance on installing the APEX database component, demystifying the process.

2 – Allow Developers & Applications to Reach Out of the Database: This section explores the correct approach to allowing developers and applications to access external web-based resources.

3 – Enable Access Into the Database Through ORDS: Rich guides you on configuring ORDS middleware, especially considering the latest ORDS implementation architecture changes.

Watch the Encore Session of APEX and ORDS installation and configuration here:

Key Moments and Video Timeline

  • 02:07 Presentation Preface (Rich)
  • 03:57 Presentation start
  • 05:06 How Your Database Should be Set Up (for DBAs)
  • 06:56 Intro of Three Main Topics
  • 08:22 1 – Install APEX database component
  • 27:48 2 – Allow Developers & Applications to Reach out of the Database
  • 53:29 3 – Enable Access Into the Database Through ORDS
  • 1:42:32 Questions?
  • 1:45:04 Bonus Steps Intro
  • 1:46:05 1 – Create an APEX Resource Manager Plan
  • 1:57:47 2 – Create a Systemd Service to Run ORDS
  • 2:00:04 3 – Run ORDS as ords OS User
  • 2:06:12 End

Looking for More?

As a bonus, Rich added three steps for those hungry for more knowledge.

  • Create an APEX Resource Manager Plan: Detailed instructions on creating an APEX Resource Manager Plan are provided.
  • Create a Systemd Service to Run ORDS: Rich walks you through the process of creating a systemd service to run ORDS.
  • Run ORDS as ords OS User: Learn how to run ORDS as the ords OS user, ensuring a smooth operation.

We hope you enjoy this encore presentation. For those of you who want to dive even deeper, Rich has generously shared a repository containing all the presentation’s SQL and PL/SQL code. You can find it here: GitHub Repository

Still Stuck?

Feeling inspired by the wealth of insights in this presentation, but still need help. Maybe we didn’t cover some of the challenges you’re facing. Our team is here to help. Reach out today, and let us assist you with your APEX and ORDS project.

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About Rich:

Rich Soule is the director of consulting services at Insum and a high-technology instructor at Austin Community College. With over 30 years of Oracle experience, including a notable tenure at Oracle Corporation, Rich has earned recognition as one of the top 10 presenters at Oracle’s Customer Visit Center. His wealth of knowledge extends from Oracle 6 to character mode Oracle Forms.

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