By: Michelle Skamene On: February 1, 2022 In: News Comments: 0

Our new Insum Newsletter provides useful articles, interviews, tips, blog posts, and more to the Oracle and Oracle APEX communities. Why not sign up!

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By: Michelle Skamene On: January 4, 2022 In: Business Solutions, Oracle APEX Comments: 0

6 top reasons you should use Flows for APEX today. Flows for APEX is an open-source Oracle APEX extension that allows you to model, monitor and run your BPMN-based process flows.

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By: Michelle Skamene On: October 30, 2021 In: APEX Developer Solutions, New Release, Oracle APEX Comments: 2

This release is so big it needs 2 parts! Check out our review of 10 new Oracle APEX 21.2 features you want to know about.

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By: Michelle Skamene On: October 11, 2021 In: APEX Developer Solutions, ORDS, REST Comments: 0

The first of this 3 part series covers a simple integration between a YouTube library and an Oracle APEX application, using RESTful Data Sources, Data Synchronization and APEX Automations.

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By: Michelle Skamene On: July 23, 2021 In: Instant Tips Comments: 0

In this episode, Anton and Michelle discuss using Static LOVs in the new Card Region

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By: Michelle Skamene On: May 30, 2021 In: Oracle APEX Comments: 1
By: Michelle Skamene On: April 16, 2021 In: APEX Developer Solutions Comments: 1

Oracle APEX sometimes seems endlessly extensible. If you're missing something from the vast array of native, declarative components, you're likely to find it in the form of an Oracle APEX Plug-in. In this post, we curate a list of favourite plugins, as per some of Insum's consultants.

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By: Michelle Skamene On: March 12, 2021 In: Instant Tips Comments: 0

Stefan Dobre joins Anton and Hayden to show how, with a little help from a Chrome extension, you can create an Oracle APEX plugin from scratch in under 5mn.

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By: Michelle Skamene On: March 11, 2021 In: Insum Insider Comments: 0

Jennifer Nicholson, Director of Developer Advocacy Programs at Oracle, joins Michelle, Monty and Insum ACEs to discuss the Oracle ACE and Groundbreaker Ambassadors programs.

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By: Michelle Skamene On: March 9, 2021 In: APEX Developer Solutions, Feuertips Comments: 0

Watch out for always using an IF statement, consider using a CASE expression, in SQL as well as PL/SQL, and then look for opportunities to use CASE statements as well.

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