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For me, Joel Kallman was first and foremost about giving, not taking. He was so generous with his time, his knowledge, his support, his encouragement. Which is why I like Joel Kallman Day so much, but also why I am so taken with the APEX community. Time and again,...

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By: Steven Feuerstein On: July 13, 2022 In: Uncategorised Comments: 2

Sam Nitsche recently interviewed me for an article in the DOAG (German Oracle User Group) RedStack magazine. That was fun! You can find the entire article in English on Sam’s blog. I especially love the title Sam used for his post: Stop Hiding From Your Planet In any case,...

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We're kicking off the new year with Toon Koppelaars of Oracle's Real World Performance Team. He and Steven talk ORA-04068.

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The AUTHID clause at the top of a package talks about "invoker rights" and "definer rights". Steven explains in this final episode of 2021.

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A translation of an interview conducted in French with Medhi Houas, President of Talan Group by Finyear, a French financial magazine. It was published on their site on November 21, 2021.

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APEX 21.1's Universal Theme has a new technology called CSS variables. Hayden and Anton invite Vincent Morneau from Oracle to demonstrate

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In this second installment of my series on Oracle Forms and Reports, I’ll explain why Oracle APEX is ideally suited for Forms Modernization (My first blog was about Forms Challenges). APEX is a web-based Rapid Application Development tool that comes with the Oracle Database. If you already run an...

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