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In this week’s Insum Insider, Monty and Michelle spoke to Giovani Cani, Vice President IT Delivery, Wilson Transportation and Leasing Group to learn why Wilson Truck Lines chose Oracle, the Autonomous Database, and Oracle APEX to completely transform the way they perform some of their key operations.

Rapid growth at Wilson’s Truck Lines, which provides innovative logistics and truck transport services to customers throughout Ontario, meant they needed to quickly improve efficiency across a number of functions in order to better serve their customers.

Knowing what Oracle Cloud had to offer, they started experimenting with the Free Tier. Using ATP and APEX features, they started collecting more data, creating dashboards, logs, and reports while taking advantage of the end-to-end encryption that Autonomous Database has to offer.

Watch the episode to find out more!

Useful link from this episode

Learn more about Oracle’s Autonomous Database and Free Tier here


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