Final Episode Insum Insider top 10 APEX tips

In the 10th and final episode of this Insum Insider series, hosts Monty Latiolais and Michelle Skamene invite some of Insum’s top experts to present a list of top 10 APEX tips for developers. Definitely worth watching!

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Episode Show Notes:

This last episode of the Insum Insider series was a fast-paced journey through a top 10 collection of APEX application development tips.

Hosts Monty, and Michelle, accompanied by Insum Senior VP of technologies and host of the French Insider sessions Francis Mignault opened the show with their recollections of some of the funniest moments of the series. Francis pointed out that the Insum Insider is a good reflection of the values at Insum: Teamwork, having fun, and sharing our knowledge.

Monty introduces each presenter and asks them to share their APEX tips. He begins by introducing Insum Innovation Director Martin D’Souza.

The Top 10 APEX Tips

6 :00 – Top Tip #10 – Martin D’Souza, build options.

See also: https://blogs.oracle.com/apex/using-build-options.

Reload modal pages https://www.talkapex.com/2020/03/how-to-easily-reload-modal-pages-in-apex/.

10:30 – Top Tip #9 – Neil Fernandez, APEX code editor multi-cursor editing (option on OSX).

14:25 – Top Tip #8 – Michelle Skamene, sample data with Quick SQL (and other Quick SQL features).

21:00 – Top Tip #7– Angel Flores, Chrome extensions: Insum APEX Pro, Smart Pivot, and Page Designer Tab Lock.

See also: Insum APEX Pro https://insum.ca/get-ahead-insum-apex-pro/.

APEX Tablock https://explorer.co.uk/introducing-apex-tablock/.

APEX extensions https://smart4solutions.nl/apex-extension/.

Monty mentions Angel’s excellent Oracle JET session from the Spanish Insum Insider series.

See also: Oracle Jet Developer Guide https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/jet320/jet/developer/GUID-293CB342-196F-4FC3-AE69-D1226A025FBB.htm#JETDG113

24 :40 – Top Tip #6 – Keny Colina, Context Menu in APEX.

 30 :05 – Top Tip #5 – Francis Mignault, monitoring APEX database sessions.

33 :23 – Top Tip #4 – Adrian Png, designing your APEX application for accessibility from the start and not as an afterthought.

39 :40 – Top Tip #3 – Anton Nielsen, automatically navigate to form from Interactive Report – Oracle APEX.

See also: http://c2anton.blogspot.com/2019/02/automatically-navigate-to-form-from.html?q=click+worth0.

46 :05 – Top Tip #2 – Jorge Rimblas, APEX Shortcuts.

See also: apex.oracle.com/shortcuts.

Consult some of Jorge’s many tips here: Oracle APEX Resources Cheat Sheet. https://insum.ca/oracle-apex-resources-cheat-sheet/.

See also this video by Jorge: Maze Runner the Cure for APEX Confusion https://insum.ca/portfolio/maze-runner-the-cure-for-apex-confusion/.

48:45 – Honorable mention tip, Monty Latiolais, APEX presentations by Oracle for you to use.

51:56 – Top Tip #1 – Hayden Hudson, APEX debug LEVEL9 will give you SQL execution plans.

Session Conclusion: We welcome your suggestions for the next series!

57:13 – Monty closes the session thanking the Insum experts, as well as all participants(audience), and requesting their feedback on the series in order to evaluate the possibility of continuing the Insider webinars series.

He informs the audience of a forthcoming survey to help Insum chart the future of the series.

Are there any subjects you feel we should cover? Let us know in the Comments below.


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