Peer Code Review from Insum Insider webinar series
By: Michelle Skamene On: July 28, 2020 In: Insum Insider Comments: 0

This third episode from the Insum Insider live stream series centres on Peer Code Review and the benefits for your development team.

Hosts Monty and Michelle discuss the subject with Insum VP and Oracle ACE Anton Nielsen starting at 3:47 in the video, and Anton recaps its advantages at 8:53 before letting Richard Soule and Lance Eaton demonstrate.

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Episode Show Notes:

Our session began with our hosts Monty Latiolais and Michelle Skamene reminding attendees to check in regularly to the Insum Insider website for uploads of our latest webinar videos, updates on upcoming sessions, and for interesting conversations on the Community Forum.

Introducing Peer Code Review

Oracle ACE Anton Nielsen introduced the concept of Peer Code Review. Anton explained how it not only helps improve your code but also your work environment. It helps develop your people by providing discussions around code and methodologies. It encourages knowledge sharing which leads to personal and professional growth.

Every single code review is a learning experience for both the developer and the reviewer.

Why Peer Code Reviews?

  • Efficient
  • Educational
  • Leverage and broaden skills
  • Good for morale

Peer Code Review Culture

Anton then explained how to establish a culture that encourages, rewards, integrates Peer Code Review to everyone’s advantage.

Anton demonstrated the APEX application we use at Insum to track peer code reviews.

As Insum includes Peer Code Review into each of its client projects, this application helps provide proof of the cost-saving impact of this activity for the client.

Peer Code Reviews are also an opportunity for participants to interact on both the personal and professional level (important during these days of confinement) and even discuss how to improve the process itself.


Richard Soule and Lance Eaton then demonstrated an actual code review using an application built for an Insum customer.

Participants put questions to Rich and Lance during the demonstration. One question prompted a short discussion on how code reviews are applicable to agile methodology.

Also discussed: how to ease the integration of Peer Code Review into an existing corporate culture.

Participant Tyler shared the following helpful comments!

For those wanting to use VSCode, you can use Oracle’s own extension – https://www.oracle.com/database/technologies/appdev/dotnet/odtvscodequickstart.html

I use this extension and point it to a style.xml file that I save in my Oracle directory – https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=mp.vscode-oracle-format

You can use this and point it to a style.xml file – it uses SQLcl under the hood. – https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=mp.vscode-oracle-format 

Thanks Tyler!


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