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For me, Joel Kallman was first and foremost about giving, not taking. He was so generous with his time, his knowledge, his support, his encouragement. Which is why I like Joel Kallman Day so much, but also why I am so taken with the APEX community.

Time and again, members of the community (individual and organization) demonstrate how much they understood – and benefited from – this way of being in the world: helping others.

These days, I find myself focused more and more on helping others who are not human. Our world is the only place we have found in the universe to support organic life. Humans have to date killed way too much of that life, including the worst crime of all: extinctions of entire species. I feel it is time to redeem myself and do what I can to help native species where I live.

And how wonderful when I can use APEX to do that!

So I’d like to use this post on Joel Kallman Day 2022 to thank the three developers who agreed to take time away from the rest of their lives to work with me to build an app that I and others will use to organize volunteers to rewild planet Earth.

The website is The wonderful developers are Souleman Dembele, Dhaval Singh and Mathias Maciel.

But, wait, that’s not all!

Niels de Bruijn recently got in touch to talk about promoting the ways in which APEX developers are leveraging APEX to reduce the harm done by humans, and to support a more sustainable way of living on our planet.

The result is Sustainable APEX; if you know of or have worked on an app anywhere within the broad (and oh so important) topic of climate change, please submit your app there. More information via the announcement on Twitter here.

I can’t remember having conversations with Joel about climate change, but regardless of his views on it, I know that he would be excited and supportive of the effort by members of his beloved APEX community to help.

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