PaaS for SaaS You can extend Fusion Application Cloud with APEX
By: Michelle Skamene On: July 18, 2020 In: Insum Insider Comments: 0

In our ninth Insum Insider episode, Oracle ACE Sylvain Martel teams up with Matt Hauser from AXIA Consulting to illustrate how to extend Fusion application Cloud with APEX. Includes use cases.

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Episode Show Notes:

4: 10 – Monty introduces panelists Oracle ACE Sylvain Martel and Matt Hauser, From AXIA Consulting. Sylvain and Matt talk a little about themselves.

7:20 – Sylvain and Matt discuss why people need to extend/do customizations to their ERPs.

9:10 – The pair discuss the importance of being able to pull and merge information from different sources to create applications or reports. Something that isn’t always the case with ERPs.

Extend Oracle Fusion Application Cloud with APEX: Use cases.

12:50 – Sylvain and Matt discuss use cases with examples including:

13:50 Currency management.

22:25 Managing legal entities.

28:10 Items (editing multiple items at once).

35:22 – Monty asks both panelists how to future-proof Fusion Application extensions in APEX, and if they are affected by updates to Fusion. Sylvain recommends the use of Oracle Integration Cloud.

39:12 – Sylvain shows the more technical aspects of what went into creating the use cases discussed.

48:00 – Sylvain answers a participant question about VBCS

49:00 – Sylvain answers a participant question about Single Sign-On in Fusion Application Cloud.

54:10 – Monty thanks both Sylvain and Matt for sharing their expertise and closes the session.

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