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The following is a translation of an interview conducted in French with Medhi Houas, President of Talan Group by Finyear, a French financial magazine. It was published on their site on November 21, 2021.

Finyear: What prospects does the acquisition of Insum provide?

Mehdi Houas: Insum is a Quebec company specializing in the Oracle database and world leader in Oracle Application Express (APEX) development. This acquisition enables us to accelerate our Oracle solutions development and defacto become the world leader in Oracle Application Express (APEX) solutions. In addition, this external growth operation allows us to significantly strengthen our position in North America and internationally as part of our “Ambition 2024” plan. This plan makes it possible to meet the diversity of the growing digital transformation needs of large groups and public players.

Finyear: What was the context of this purchase?

Mehdi Houas: The choice of Insum came about naturally. We had already worked together for many years. Therefore, this joint project is entirely in line with our desire to cover the increased needs for innovation and digital transformation among major economic players in France and internationally. This new step is the concrete expression of the mutual trust between our two groups and strengthens a bond based on deeply rooted and shared values.

Finyear: Why Insum?

Mehdi Houas: Insum has high-level expertise, complementary to Talan, which enriches our offerings thanks to Oracle solutions. The market for Oracle solutions, particularly the Oracle APEX solution, is growing very strongly and constitutes a strategic axis for creating value in companies. Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code development platform used to build scalable and secure enterprise applications with top-notch functionality deployable anywhere in the world.

Insum also wanted to develop faster with large accounts for which APEX solutions meet a wide variety of needs. In addition, the hundred or so Insum employees can now count on more than 4,000 Talan employees whose expertise will enable them to carry out their projects and flourish in their professional careers. It is, therefore, an operation that benefits everyone.

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