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February 15, 2022

There are so many things to love about Oracle APEX, as those of us who are lucky to work with it every day will tell you. So, Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect occasion to celebrate our affection for this unique application development platform.

We asked our co-workers at Insum as well as our peers in the community what they love about Oracle APEX.

Here are some of their responses!

But before you read on, an ode to Oracle APEX…

Insum said..

Things we love about Oracle APEX Doris Serruto
“I love how I can focus on the business rules while APEX is in charge of display it beautifully/ I love how I can invest less time in basic features and focus on complex ones”
Doris Serruto
APEX Consultant, Insum
Things we love about Oracle APEX Richard Soule
“I love the ability for business users to role out their own applications with a single day of training.
I love the strength of the APEX community.
I love the incredible customer focus and responsiveness of the development team. Literally no other team at Oracle is as responsive to it’s community.”
Richard Soule
Director of Consulting Services, Insum.
Things we love about Oracle APEX Angel Flores Torres
“I love the way we can easily integrate JavaScript and CSS, use many plugins and libraries to create a friendly user interface.”
Angel Flores
APEX Consultant, Insum
Things we love about Oracle APEX Steven Feuerstein

“I♥️#orclapex because it allows a developer like me who knows lots of #PLSQL, a little #SQL, and little else to BUILD AND DELIVER WEBSITES!”

Steven Feuerstein

Senior Advisor, Insum

Things we love about Oracle APEX Francis Mignault

What I love about #orclapex, is its community. Great people, fun to work with, open, always there to help and learn. Can’t wait to meet in person at conferences again. I miss y’all #HappyValentinesDay

Francis Mignault

Parter/General Manager, Insum

Things we love about Oracle APEX Michelle Skamene

I love that #orclapex made me look like a rock star to my kids on more than 1 occasion. An app to track your University fitness challenge with your peers? Here you go. An app to help you and your friends with your math drills? Voilà! 🔥💪

Michelle Skamene

VP Consulting, Insum

Things we love about Oracle APEX Plamen Mushkov
Number one for me (and the reason I liked it so much in the beginning): It is damn easy to create an application with basically no knowledge of any web technology, and little or no SQL knowledge.
On top of that, the second best thing – you can extend it a lot and apply as much custom code as you like – CSS, JavaScript, HTML, you name it.
Third best – no middle tier – directly from database to the web app.
Everything else is just a bonus to me, but yes – a great community, great development team within Oracle, rapid development of the product, implementing and supporting new technologies.
Also – FREE A fantastic reason to chose it. Not only the apex.oracle.com free workspace, but an Always Free OCI tier, including a compute, Autonomous DB (with APEX included) and a dedicated APEX service – also free with the standard limits. On-demand also possible with Oracle XE, Docker containers in place if needed and so on.
Plamen Mushkov
Senior APEX Consultant, Insum

And Twitter said…



And what’s better than when a real-life customer chimes in!

How about you? What do YOU love about Oracle APEX? Drop us a comment below.

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    • Micael Simhas
    • February 20, 2022
    • Reply

    I love Oracle Apex easy of integration with REST APIs. In 5 minutes and 3 lines of code you can have the response from a REST web service transformed into a table, to which you can apply SQL, just as you would on a database table. I am also a bit sad to see how this impressive feature is often overlooked, and doesn’t always make it to top 5.

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