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So you have decided that you want to use Oracle Application Express (APEX) to build secure and scalable web-based software applications on top of an Oracle database. Cool. So, now what? How do you get your development team up and running on this highly productive and versatile platform?

Insum’s APEX developer training can help.

Training has been a critical part of Insum’s evolution from a small start-up into the largest APEX consulting company in the western world. Over the last decade, we’ve helped all types of clients implement business solutions through the Oracle APEX development framework. Moreover, we’ve worked closely with our client’s development teams and mentored them, to get them to the level they need to be. In fact, we’ve trained several hundred technical employees who have come from widely different backgrounds. Expert professionals and fresh-out-of university interns alike currently profit from skills acquired through our training modules, built to convert a developer with little or no Oracle or APEX knowledge into a competent APEX developer.

Insum’s Training Methodology

Insum’s modular developer training methodology is a written set of concise rules and guidelines that describe how we use APEX. Trainees are introduced to the methodology and shown how to use it as a guide to building high-quality software. Insum’s trainers and mentors constantly refer to the methodology in their mentorship. Using the methodology on an on-going basis ensures that quality is “baked into” the core of insum’s and the customer’s development efforts.

Our modular training structure ensures you are focusing exactly on the training you need to complete your project.


APEX itself is built on top of the rock-solid foundation of an Oracle database and its core technologies, SQL and PL/SQL. We, therefore, take the time to make sure that all trainees have a good understanding of these technologies.

APEX Introduction

Insum’s APEX Introduction module is a hands-on instructor-led course that is a mixture of lectures and labs. The course presents the fundamental principles of APEX low-code software development.

The labs lead trainees, step by step, through the process of building an APEX application from scratch. The core structure of the labs guides trainees along a “happy path” that leads to a solid result. The instructor, however, takes time to show what happens when developers stray from the “happy path”. Here, we introduce basic server-side and client-side debugging techniques.

JavaScript and jQuery

Front-end coding in the browser environment is an important part of building web-based applications. This is especially relevant to building a positive User Experience (UX). It requires basic JavaScript and jQuery skills. We cover this material in the front-end coding module.


Mentorship Onsite and in Project

We not only build applications for our clients, we also work alongside their in-house developers and coach them through their application project. This perpetuates the value of their learning. As they say, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. Thus, a hands-on approach allows us to introduce more advanced topics like advanced debugging techniques, APEX advisor, APEX views, and other APEX productivity tools.  Our ultimate goal is to teach trainees how to navigate the APEX declarative environment efficiently. In the onsite environment, we also touch on the AGILE nature of APEX software development.


Additionally, an important part of insum developer training is to accept honest critique of Insum’s training process. We then use the feedback to improve the curriculum.

APEX Developer Training In Conclusion

Insum APEX developer training exposes trainees to:

  • Formal technical training needed in an APEX software development environment.
  • Informal soft skill training required to become a well-rounded professional.

If you are currently working with APEX and are hiring new developers, or are rolling out an APEX-based project in your Oracle environment, Insum’s APEX developer training will help ensure your resources are working at maximum efficiency and following best practices.

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