Insum’s Story | Oracle APEX

Insum Solutions is a highly specialized IT services provider focused exclusively on developing solutions using Oracle APEX.

Founded in 2002 with the sole purpose of helping organizations get the most out of their Oracle investments, our company exists to help clients leverage the power of Oracle to boost productivity, expand capabilities, and enhance their ability to execute on new initiatives.

We came to recognize long ago that developing and deploying enterprise grade solutions quickly and economically, which are flexible enough to handle ever changing needs, requires both an integrated technology stack as well as a software development toolset that supports rapid, iterative development. 

So, when we discovered Oracle Application Express (“APEX”), we knew we had found something that could transform how enterprises build and deploy business applications. It was a discovery that would change our company and drastically shift our focus, and it put us on the path to becoming one of the largest Oracle APEX development shops in the world.

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And, it’s not surprising really. From the day we started the company 13 years ago, we’ve had an unwavering commitment to uncovering how Oracle tools can be leveraged to do business better. So, after seeing first hand how the power and simplicity of APEX helps organizations stay lean and go fast, we dedicated ourselves to becoming the world’s foremost Oracle APEX thought leaders and “experts of choice”. Little did we know how much that would change our company.

Now, just a few short years later, we are easily North America’s largest Oracle APEX consulting firm, and in fact, we are probably the largest in the world. We haven’t taken the time to check yet.

More important than just sheer numbers however, is that we’ve managed to recruit some of the most distinguished APEX thought leaders, and now have a world-class team of top-notch experts, which includes well-known Oracle ACEs and published authors. Since they frequently present at conferences and actively share their knowledge through presentations, training sessions, webinars and blogs, you’ll easily recognize them, and are always happy to talk with clients.


Insum Team

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the world’s Centre of Excellence for Oracle APEX.
Our mission is to hire, train, and provide the best team of Oracle APEX specialists to help clients develop quality and innovative solutions on time and on budget.
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Our People & Culture

We’ve always believed that if you bring a group together with a shared passion, amazing things will happen. And today, we see that at Insum. With some of the world’s APEX experts, we pride ourselves in becoming the “place to be” for passionate APEX developers – looking to expand their skills and develop awesome applications that truly delight users.

We are committed to creating a culture of collaboration and personal development, and we strive to create opportunities for our people to learn and grow, whether it be attending techno lunches, speaking at conferences, or simply “hanging out” with other APEX stars on the team. So, if you love working with APEX, learning, and sharing what you know, let’s chat!

Our Values


We undertake to act in a spirit of mutual respect with colleagues, clients, and partners to build lasting trust. We believe in good governance and ethical interpersonal relations and so we pledge to honor our commitments and maintain a respectful attitude toward one and all.


Making integrity a core value of our work builds trust and fosters success for us and for others. We are convinced that honesty, transparency, and consistency are essential to achieving our goals.


Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we uphold our reputation for excellence by providing quality service. The skills and experience of our professionals are key in this regard.


With our creative and proactive team, we are ideally positioned to offer clients cutting edge solutions. What brought us to the head of the pack and keeps us there is our drive to face new challenges and expand our technological expertise. Innovation is central to our work.


We owe our team spirit and synergy to our culture of participation and cooperation. We promote diversity and the sharing of knowledge to enjoy the benefit of everyone’s talent and perspective. That philosophy is a real motivation for us.


We seek to create an inspiring, enjoyable, human work environment because we believe that the well-being of our employees is fundamental. We give our staff the support they need for all their undertakings. This motivates our team, increases pride, and contributes to a feeling of accomplishment.