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APEX Feature Requests inspired by the show!

Highlight changed items for “Warn on Unsaved Changes”  (Link to episode) FR-1902
Enable “Plain Text (based on List of Values)” as an option when configuring the “Cards” region columns (Link to episode) FR-2148
“Automatic Time Zone” should use “Time Zone Region” not UTC (Link to episode) FR-2138
Make Relevance Score available to LOVs that use Oracle Text (Link to episode) FR-2123
Remove Build Option from Associated Components directly from the Build Option page (Link to episode) FR-2110
Add a declarative “Commit Upon Success” attribute to processes (Link to episode) FR-1894
Document “apex_plugin_util.is_component_used”(Link to episode) FR-2240
Ability to set “Clone APEX Session When Opening New Tab/Window” at the application level (Link to episode) FR-2886

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