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Flows for APEX

As an Oracle APEX developer, do you struggle to create, maintain and document clear process flows?

Do misunderstandings crop up between you and your client in development, causing extra work and delays?

Looking for ways to integrate complex workflows into your Oracle APEX applications?

Introducing Flows for APEX

About Flows for APEX

Flows for APEX is a cost-free, open-source process flow creation software. Designed with APEX developers in mind, it allows them to model and run process flows for APEX applications. It uses technologies very familiar to the APEX developer: APEX, PL/SQL, and SQL, in addition to a combination of visual process design and low-code techniques.

Flows for APEX is an indispensable tool at the start of development. It allows the developer to ‘team up” with the business user to understand and map out required processes. In addition, it enables them to discover together how to get the most out of APEX. Therefore, using Flows for APEX clarifies the development process and helps foster a more collaborative mindset.

A functionally rich process modeling solution

It only takes a few minutes to install and start using the software. And once processes are mapped out, you can start developing your data model and applications. Additionally, Flows for APEX removes the need to document processes after the fact. Instead, it becomes a permanent record of your process flows just as you build them.

Flows for APEX is highly regarded in the Oracle APEX development community. In fact, Oracle has described it as a “functionally rich process modelling solution.”

You can learn more about Flows for APEX here.

Flows for APEX from a technical standpoint

Flows for APEX is a packaged app for APEX 20.1. or higher.

It runs entirely within the Oracle Database just like APEX, which is in line with Oracle’s “converged database” strategy. This means:

  • Its definition is in the database
  • It is backed up
  • Disaster recovery is built-in.
  • It is scalable, just like the database

See a detailed demonstration of Flows by Niels de Bruijn on ASK Tom Office Hours

Insum and Flows for APEX

Insum consultant Louis Moreaux has been a key contributor to Flows for APEX. As such, we are uniquely positioned to help developers and clients better understand and leverage this game changing tool.

We offer services in the area of both Flows for APEX coaching and consulting, as well as a 1-day instructor-led training that will fast track your ability to implement Flows and maximize your benefits.


 Join us for our 1-day, instructor-led Flows for APEX training with Louis Moreaux

Next Training TBA. Stay Tuned! 

Cost: $395 USD

Let Flows for APEX bring your business processes to life

Insum consultants build effective business processes using Flows for APEX, and you should too.

Contact us to learn more about our Flows for APEX services.

We’ll get you up and running faster than you can say BPMN2.0!

See Flows for APEX on the Insum Insider

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Michelle, Monty, and Francis invite Niels De Bruijn, the creator of Flows for APEX, as well as Moritz Klein, to discuss how to design and run process flows within your APEX application.

They chat about different workflow implementations, do a demo, and answer some questions along the way.

Oracle has described Flows for APEX as a “functionally rich process modelling solution”, so if your application needs include workflows, this is the session for you.

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