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You won’t have to look far to find Insum Solutions at KScope16. President, Michel St. Amour, leads our largest contingent ever.

“As the largest dedicated APEX Center of Excellence in North America, we strongly believe in ODTUG and their flagship conference, Kscope, which has been a huge reason for our success. We are back in full force this year to support ODTUG and the greater APEX community.”

In addition to Michel, the Insum booth will also be home to Martin D’Souza, Jorge Rimblas, Vincent Morneau, & Francis Mignault.

We’re extremely proud to have been selected for 7 sessions.

The list below should keep you plenty busy. Make sure to drop by the Insum booth at Kscope16 to let me know what you think.

Oh, and don’t forget to attend the Sunday Symposium and Thursday Deep Dive.

Open Source and APEX: Join the Movement
Martin D’Souza, Insum Solutions
When: Jun 27, 2016, Session 1, 8:30 am – 9:30 am
Topic: Application Express
Subtopic: Other Application Express

Most people don’t associate the words open source and Oracle. That time has changed as it is becoming more common for Oracle developers to publish their projects on open-source platforms such as GitHub.

This talk will focus on how you can leverage open-source projects as part of your APEX development practices and integrate them in your applications. It will highlight some popular open-source APEX projects and plugins.

Hooked on Classic (Reports): Learn Tips and Techniques to Make Them Sing
Jorge Rimblas, Insum Solutions
When: Jun 27, 2016, Session 5, 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
Topic: Application Express
Subtopic: Detail Plunge

Out of the box, Application Express has a powerful templating engine. In this presentation you’ll learn that the simple Classic Report template is not as simple as it seems. First, we’ll cover some techniques using the ubiquitous Generic Columns template type. However, the limits are pushed when we uncover the Named Columns template type.

With a little understanding, knowledge, and ingenuity, you can create layouts you probably didn’t know were possible, from master-detail layouts to arrangements that don’t even look like a regular report.

This is out-of-the-box, native APEX functionality, which requires equal parts of SQL knowledge, HTML understanding, and ingenuity.

After this presentation, it won’t take long before you begin to see how to apply these techniques everywhere.

APEX Real Life Stories
Christian Larocque, Insum Solutions
When: Jun 28, 2016, Session 8, 9:45 am – 10:45 am
Topic: Application Express
Subtopic: Real World

Oracle Application Express is widely used and gaining more and more traction in the marketplace. Most IT organizations have heard of APEX, quite a few are using it for departmental applications, but still very few leverage it as their core platform for enterprise wide critical applications, to simplify E-Business Suite, for e-commerce or mobile applications. Come listen to executives and developers from Fortune 500 companies, leading national& universities and successful start-ups who have done it with APEX. They will share their real life experience modernizing critical business systems with APEX, extending EBS and deploying customer facing e-commerce applications. In this session Insum and its clients will tell their stories, how they leverage APEX, how they overcame challenges and provide useful insight to help you be successful with APEX. It is a unique opportunity for you to learn from their experience and ask questions in an open panel format.

Enriching APEX Applications with Semantics
Adrian Png, Insum Solutions
When: Jun 28, 2016, Session 11, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Topic: Application Express
Subtopic: Integration

Have you recently created an APEX website and now want to rank higher on search engine results? Or perhaps allow other web-based systems to make use of the data published on your website? Then this session is for you!

Most web applications today are largely designed for human consumption. There is increasing interest in adding semantically rich markup to share structured data and provide contextual information to be consumed by software agents. This has huge applications in search engine optimization, supporting enterprise application integration, and improving electronic data capture, especially in health care. Attend this session to learn about Web 3.0 technologies and how they can be used to future-proof your APEX application.

When You’re Getting Good at an Obsolete Technology
Vincent Morneau, Insum Solutions
When: Jun 28, 2016, Session 12, 4:45 pm – 5:45 pm
Topic: Application Express
Subtopic: Integration

The world of front-end development is changing fast. From the moment you start adopting a new technology, a newer and better one is emerging. It’s a reality that’s hard to face when you’re getting good at an obsolete technology.

This session is about a modern front-end stack that will positively change the way you code APEX applications. The suggested methodology will result in a well-organized code base that will save you time and money.

From Gulp to Sass, passing by Autoprefixer and Source Maps, fueled by automatic linting, concatenation, and minification, this session targets intermediate to advanced developers striving to enhance their front-end skills on their day-to-day workflow.

Shaping Up Theme Roller Beyond Universal Theme
Vincent Morneau , Insum Solutions
When: Jun 29, 2016, Session 14, 10:15 am – 11:15 am
Topic: Application Express
Subtopic: Detail Plunge

You’re probably using Theme Roller along with Universal Theme lately. While being awesome, Universal Theme can’t always be used on customer projects because of branding. Did you know you can bring Theme Roller to absolutely any other APEX theme? Theme Roller’s attributes are 100% customizable.

This session is intended for intermediate to advanced developers with an interest in UI. It will demonstrate how the APEX engine parses a LESS file to compile CSS on the fly and how it interacts with you. You’ll be able to build more reusable themes by creating your own theme styles from the ground up.

If you have multiple customers running the same application or simply want to parametrize your styling, this is what you need to increase design productivity.

Merging the Great Divide: Bridging Desktop and Web Applications
Martin D’Souza, Insum Solutions
When: Jun 29, 2016, Session 15a, 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm
Topic: Application Express
Subtopic: Other Application Express

Ever needed to extend your (APEX) application back into the desktop? It’s not easy to do without supporting many different languages and operating systems.

This presentation will cover how to build native desktop applications using Node.js and Electron, which can then easily be deployed to multiple desktop environments. This can also greatly enhance an existing APEX application with native functionality.


Take in one of Insum’s sessions and see why we’re the largest APEX consultancy in North America.


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