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Insum Acquires Boston Firm

Insum and C2 Consulting Unite to Better Serve American Market

Appointment of Anton Nielsen to the position of Vice President, Consulting Services at Insum

We're continuing our entry into the European market.

Signing of collaboration agreements with two French companies, Thelys and AgiLab.

North America's largest APEX consulting firm

Oracle Specialists. APEX Experts.

From small businesses to Fortune 500s, we build custom web and mobile applications for public and private organizations.

We're dedicated APEX Innovators

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Join our team of APEX thought leaders at conferences worldwide.

Get lean. Go fast.

Revolutionary application delivery

Falling behind? Your IT department shouldn't be a bottleneck. Learn how enterprises are deploying applications faster than ever with Oracle APEX.

Don't miss out. Explore APEX.

Use 100% of your Oracle brain

With an Oracle database, you already own a powerful tool for quickly creating web and mobile applications. Let us show you how easy it can be.

Our Services

We develop custom web and mobile applications using Oracle APEX. Since 2002, we’ve been building a team of world class experts, which now includes well known Oracle ACEs and authors. Our North American clients include small businesses, government organizations, and Fortune 500s.

Our Center of Excellence

We’ve established a Center of Excellence dedicated to studying, developing, and executing APEX related best practices. Here our innovation team develops and curates APEX design patterns, re-usable modules, and development practices, and contributes APEX open source projects.

Our Methodology

The Insum methodology is a set of “tried and true” processes and tools that help reduce risk and ensure Oracle APEX projects are delivered on time and on budget. When working with us, you’ll benefit from the deep knowledge base we’ve built up over the years while developing APEX applications.

Why Insum?

Insum Team

We're 100% focused on Oracle APEX

It's what we do everyday, all day. In fact, you won't find a larger team of developers focused exclusively on APEX anywhere else.

We come fully equipped

We don't start new projects empty handed. Our proven methodologies drive productivity, and the Insum Toolkit contains pre-programmed packages ready for any new app.

We've stacked our team

Insum is home to some of the world's top APEX developers, authors, and thought leaders. You get to work with them.

What our clients are saying...

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Vincent Morneau’s full collection of APEX Nitro tips, right here For the past month and a half, we’ve been feeding our Twitter community (see @InsumSolutions)  APEX Nitro tips. How nice of us. You are welcome, world! These quickly digestible tips are to help you appreciate what a fabulous front-end development Read more.
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